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Dave Lerner Quits Pharmacists: New Guy Joins Band Print E-mail
Friday, 07 September 2007
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Dave Lerner Quits Pharmacists: New Guy Joins Band
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We're admittedly almost a month behind on the news that Dave Lerner has left the Pharmacists (not because we didn't know - we're just a little swamped back at the office here in Center City). However, we're only three days behind in discovering the identity of Dave's replacement: a skinnier, sassier clone of Ted Leo? Thanks to the forum-goers once again for digging up some excellent news :

A few weeks ago Dave Lerner, long-time Pharmacist, left the band, so I was anxious to see who would be playing bass for the band. Turns out, it’s a dude name Jason. Jason is a skinnier (if you can believe it), younger, and sassier version of Mr. Leo himself (someone told me they’re related? I wouldn’t be surprised.), and his presence (and fight for attention) brought out a really playful side of Leo—there was more goofy stage banter, threats of “shred offs,” and huge guitar sounds rounded out by James Canty on second guitar. And of course Chris Wilson’s drumming was fantastic and on point. As always.

We here at Timorous Me salute Dave Lerner for five years of dedicated service to the Pharmacists, and wish him well in whatever his next endeavour might be. Welcome also to the new kid, Jason. You might not have the hair, or even the killer bass-playing statue impression that Dave had, but from initial reports it looks like you'll fit in just fine around here. 


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