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New TL/Rx: Rapid Response EP
Monday, 15 September 2008
All proceeds go to Democracy Now! and Food Not Bombs in support of those protestors and journalists that were preemptively locked up during the RNC. Includes two new songs and two covers - more details at Pitchfork .

Go get it.... now .
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New song on WFMU's Best Show: "The World Is In The Turlet"
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Wednesday, 04 June 2008

Awesome new TL/Rx song from WFMU's Best Show Ever (via Stereogum ).

It's in Real format (people still use that? Really?) so if you can use this or this to listen if you need to.

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More WFMU goodness
Ted Leo (solo)
Thursday, 06 March 2008

Ted dropped by with Ben Gibbard and Patton Oswalt to visit Tom Scharpling in the WFMU studios recently, and the video of all the highlights can be found at the WFMU blog here .

The alleged playlist:

Ben Gibbard - You Remind Me of Home (Death Cab)

Ben Gibbard - Look Out, Here Comes Tomorrow (the Monkees)

Ted Leo - Union City Blue (Blondie)

Ted Leo - Chain Fight Tonight (the Gorch)

Ted Leo - Bottle of Buckie

Ben Gibbard + Ted Leo - Porcupine Pie (Neil Diamond)

Ben Gibbard + Ted Leo + Patton Oswalt + Tom Scharpling - Take A Chance On Me (ABBA)

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New Video: "Colleen"
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
Monday, 12 November 2007


Stereogum has it up on their front page right now. Subterranean had the preview of the Tom Scharpling-directed, epic arm-wrestling flick.


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